Thursday, November 27, 2008


Nov, 25th… Trip to KLIA for uniform measurement.
My batch mates and I gathered at Subang before we had our way to KLIA. Since some of my batch mates are still workings, so half of us going first for the measurement. I hitch a ride with 3 others batch mates. It took 45mins from Subang to KLIA using highway. It’s a very boring highway since there is nothing interesting to saw outside the car but we had a great jokes and story along the way and I don’t feel it’s a long journey…
When we arrived there, we parked our car on level 2, block B. Then we walked to block A which is beside block B. Look for the MTB shop where we need to measure our uniform and collect the accessories for the uniform. But block A don’t have any shop, just a parking block for MAS van. Suddenly I greet a guy walking there and ask him where is MTB shop for technical crew uniform and he told me the direction. Huh!! Actually the shop is located at block B… Just inside the area where there is a bridge to terminal building. So, we got a wrong info from Ms. Intan…hehehe
It’s just a small shop where there are 2 dummies wearing crew uniform inside the shop. Then we enter the shop and ask them to measure the uniform for us. We collect all the uniform indent given by Ms. Intan and gave it to the worker there. Then they called us one by one according to the name on the uniform indent. We need to go behind the counter to measure our uniform and try the peak cap. These 4 sets of uniform will be delivered after 3 months later, so we need to buy our own uniform by the mean time. During that day, we only received peak cap, epaulet, tie and belt.

After finished collecting the accessories, I followed my friends to Seri Kembangan to measure their uniform. We had our lunch at Seri Kembangan, just in front of the tailor shop. Suddenly it started to rain heavily. We stuck at the mamak restaurant about 1 hour. After that we went to the tailor and my friends took their measurement. Their uniform will be delivered after 2 weeks. As for me, I bought at Jimmy Fashion House in Pertama Complex.
After settled the measurement, then we went back to Shah Alam. All my friends went home, but I went to Maybank to ask for my account conformation letter since MAS need it to transfer monthly allowance…


faiz777 said...

so, u have to use ur own uniform first laa before being changed by mas's uniform?

how about the belt? what brand?
im told that the uniform is from spark manshop? is it true?

f a i z i 7 said...

yeah...we must buy our own attire 1st. their uniform will be delivered within 2-3 months later..

no brand for d belt,wif gold color head and only hv mas logo at d end of belt..i dunno bout d uniform brand...they just paste their shop brand inside d shirt...but it's really nice